[Reader] Euthanasie und Tierrechte am Beispiel Peter Singer »

Tags: 1997, 90er, 90s, Animal Liberation, Bioethik, Deutsch, German, Peter Singer, Philosophie, Praktische Ethik, Singer, TAN, Tierrechts Aktion Nord, Utilitarismus

[Reader] Going Underground for Animal Liberation »

Tags: ALF, Animal Liberation, Anleitung, Capitalism, Deutsch, Exploitation, German, Going Underground, Prison, Reader, Repression, Security, Sicherheit, Tierbefreiung, Underground, Untergrund

[CrimethInc] The SHAC Model: A Critical Assessment »

Tags: AEPA, AETA, Animal Liberation, Animal rights, Animal Welfare, Capitalism, Crimethinc, HLS, Huntingdon Life Sciences, SHAC, Shac 7, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

[Reader] Abschlussreader der Tierrechtswoche in Hamburg (print) »

Tags: Anarchism, Anarchismus, Animal Liberation, Animal rights, Definitionsmacht, DefMa, Hamburg, HH, Reader, TAN, Tierrecht, Tierrechts Aktion Nord, Tierrechtswoche, Unity of Opression, Veganism, Veganismus, Vergewaltigung

[Reader] Schwarz Grünes Gegengift (special issue) (Intergalactic Animal Liberation Gathering, Berlin 22-29 Juli) »

Tags: 2000, Animal Liberation, Berlin, English, Intergalactic Gathering, Reader, Schwarz Grünes Gegengift

[Reader] Autonom, undogmatisch, wild und frei – Gegen die Tier- und Menschenjagd des Patriarchats »

Tags: Animal Liberation, Autonom, Deutsch, German, Herrschaftskritik, Patriarchat, Tierausbeutung, Tierbefreiung

[Magazine] Arkangel (Issues 1-22) »

A little treat for you! Tags: 90s, ALF, Animal Liberation, Animal Liberation Front, Arkangel, English, Magazine, Prisoner, rare, Ronnie Lee

[Book] The Blueprint (Fur Farm Intelligence Project: The Full Report) »

Tags: Animal Liberation, Book, English, Fur, Fur Farm, Investigation, Peter Young, Prisoner, Voice for the Voiceless

[Reader] Beasts of Burden »

Tags: Animal Liberation, Animals, Beasts of Burden, Capitalism, Communism, Englisch, English

[Reader] “We Build a Better Beagle”: Fantastic Creatures in Lab Animal Ads »

Tags: Animal Liberation, animal testing, Beagle, Lab, Tierversuch, Vivisection

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